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Valentine’s Day Ideas Your Customers Will Love

Valentine’s Day has always served as a unique occasion to increase sales through campaigns targeting couples despite its proximity to Black Friday and Christmas. Activity-wise, it’s pretty standard, so it’s the perfect opportunity to plan ahead.

If you get all your ducks in a row in a short amount of time, you’ll quickly pull in a tidy sum. And it seems that this year as well, our big money is on eCommerce.

Here are our top ideas that will help you mesmerise your customers and get paid on Valentine’s Day:

Put no price on love…

…except that gifts cost money. In 2021, the Brits spent an average of £23 per person for Valentine Day’s gifts, compared to 2020s £35 spent per person, according to Finder. Make it a bit more accessible for the romantics and pre-empt the spending by offering seasonal discounts. Use an eCommerce platform like Stor to set up your special deals & promotions in minutes.

Create your business gift guide

There are many undecided buyers out there – tap into those last-minute decision-makers with a helpful guide on your blog page. Create multiple gift guides based on several popular categories, such as gift ideas for her/him/them, or arrange them by budget: under £20, £50, £100, etc.

Send a valentine card

Send your email subscribers a Valentine’s Day card with a promo or special offer. Position your offer as a special “gift” for your loyal customers rather than promoting products that your customers can buy as presents.

Leave customer payments for later…

…by enabling Buy Now Pay Later options in your checkout. Customers are already cash-strapped at the beginning of the year, so offering this payment option will be an incentive for them to make the jump and purchase more.

Engage more on mobile

With two pandemic-driven years, customers are attention fatigued. Optimise your website for mobile interfaces and ensure the browsing experience is as easy if not even better than on desktop. If you don’t know where to start, out of the box eCommerce solutions will help you build your website “mobile-first”, with customers and search engines in mind. The average person responds to a text within 90 seconds versus 90 minutes for email, so think about sending your existing customers promos via text.

Share the love on social media

Create a social campaign with your own lovey-dovey hashtag. Use social media to share cute stories, poems, and pictures that represent love, romance, or friendship. Ask your customers to engage and share their stories, choose the best ones and offer them a prize from your store or a limited-time discount.

Think outside the box

There will always be customers who want a bit of everything, not just a product as a gift. Partner with companies that offer experiences and pack up your services and products as a bundle – everyone’s a winner!

Make “speedy” the word

This Valentine’s Day, availability is key in any category. Deliver your products before your competition every time, and customers will come back for more.

Leverage Google

Tap into those very last-minute shoppers by running a Valentine’s Day Google ad or creating a free Google business profile that allows you to post free content. Personalise your profile with photos, posts, and holiday offers. This will also help you rank higher on Google Maps and increase your chances of getting found in local searches.

Love & Money are in the Air

Valentine’s Day is without a doubt one of the best opportunities for commerce. Building an approach that will maximise revenue with the least amount of effort is the most taxing thing. But you can make Valentine’s Day a goldmine if you’re willing to prepare a little bit.