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5 Reasons Why Magento 2 May Be Suitable For Your Ecommerce

5 Reasons Why Magento 2 May Be Suitable For Your Ecommerce

Magento is a free, open-source, website-based software that allows merchants to create a shopping experience for their customers. But why may this plugin be suitable for your eCommerce?

With the new and improved version of Magento, Magento 2 offers an enhanced plugin capability for merchants to develop and build their eCommerce empire.

Reasons to choose Magento 2

1. Flexibility

Nothing is more stressful for a company than not having stability. Magento 2’s software gives you options, meaning you can move to a different host or change payment provider whenever you want. The software’s flexible features allow you to create a tailored shopping experience that you can custom craft for a unique user experience specific to your industry and products.

2. Control

Having control over your eCommerce platform is the key to any successful business. Keeping up to date on content and admin will have your company operating effortlessly. Therefore, Using Magento 2 will allow you to manage your content for maximum user engagement by using the page builder to schedule, preview, and publish content changes at any time. Whether it is the front-end or the back-end of your eCommerce store, managing the transactions and admin of your goods and services will improve the organisation of your business and create a richer shopping experience for your customers.

3. Full back-office integration

When running an eCommerce store, the back-office needs to be fully functional. A lack of integration will be disastrous for a company, as its reputation will be messy or disorganised. With Magento 2, this is not a problem for you. By adding new capabilities and benefits, the software enhances your eCommerce through refunds, MOTO and updates.

a) RefundsThe quality of service is evaluated by the customer when it comes to returns management. The difficulty of this for merchants is logistics and time management may not be on their side. This difficulty can be a problem for a merchant as poor Return Merchandise Authorisation (RMA) can affect long-time customer loyalty. With Magento 2, merchants can now automate product returns management and thereby enhance their customer service.

b) MOTOWith this feature on Magento 2, when customers make purchases via emails or telephones, the store owner can make payments in the back-end on behalf of customers. From the admin back-end, store admins can create an order, then in Billing Details, select payment method as Credit Card. This feature brings flexibility to both stores and customers to support each other in making orders smoothly.

c) UpdatesMerchants can update their pending orders (i.e. Suspended payments) by creating an invoice to capture the cost.

4. Recurring Payments / Subscriptions

One of the most prominent ways individuals pay for products or services is through recurring payments (subscriptions). With the “Trust Payments Magento 2 module” (recurring payments module), store owners can now create flexible subscription plans. They can offer discounts for buying goods on subscription, provide free trial periods, and set initial subscription fees. Regular and subscription products can be supported in the same module; however, the Magento 2 module does not allow you to add subscription and non-subscription to the same cart.

5. New payment methods

When it comes to your eCommerce platform, having different payment methods creates a simple and easy check out for all your customers. With Magento 2, merchants can now start taking payments with two sought-after payments methods, ApplePay and Paypal. By integrating these payment methods with Magento 2, the flow from shopping cart to order confirmation will be more effortless, meaning reduced shopping cart abandonment by letting your customers choose their preferred payment methods.

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