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Trust Payments CCO headlines Leaders in Payments podcast episode

Trust Payments CCO headlines Leaders in Payments podcast episode

Chief Commercial Officer of Trust Payments Jonathan O’Connor has been profiled by the prestigious Leaders in Payments podcast, a leading industry podcast created to feature top C-level executives discussing industry trends and much more.

The broad-ranging interview sees O’Connor discuss how he has implemented successful strategies to drive the expansive products & services offered by Trust Payments, as well as what he thinks the future holds for the payments industry.

Speaking to Greg Myers, host of the Leaders in Payments Podcast, O’Connor shares the secrets behind Trust Payments’ disruptive, innovative Converged Commerce™ strategy, as well as his own 25-year journey in the industry.

Highlights from his interview include thoughts on taxation, regulation, and how crypto represents the future of payments!

He also discussed Trust Payments’ unique, diverse strategy- from our well-established role in the retail and hospitality sectors, to our forays into emerging verticals including CBD, online gaming and crypto markets globally.

“Jonathan’s still as competitive now as he was when he was in his 20s and has a driving passion for sales, competition and, of course, winning… Tune in and hear Jonathan talk about the future of our industry as it relates to cryptocurrency, biometrics, artificial intelligence and so much more. We talk taxation, regulation, crypto exchange and how crypto will become the next ‘shiny ball’ to replace the current market fixation on the Buy-Now-Pay-Later payments model.”

greg myers leaders in payments podcast host

Greg Myers
Host, Leaders in Payments Podcast

Myers adds, “He also offers details on how his company personalizes the customer journey and keeps their competitive edge. In his own words, “payment is the foundation of our DNA, and we strive to consistently build value around it. He gives a dynamic interview you don’t want to miss!”

Listen to episode 159 of the Leaders in Payments Podcast on the player below or head over to Spotify or Apple Podcasts to download.

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