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The Weston Hotel adds acquiring.com’s solutions to its online payment services

acquiring.com, Trust Payments’ acquiring bank, has been taken on by prestigious hotel the Weston Hotel to integrate internal data systems through its acquiring platform and clearing solution.

London, January 2019 – Trust Payments has announced that it has added its acquiring platform (acquiring.com) to the existing global gateway solutions provided to the Weston Hotel, an esteemed Victorian hotel located on the North Yorkshire coast. Trust Payments have provided payment gateway services for the Weston Hotel for the past 4 years, and the addition of a direct acquiring relationship represents a move towards consolidating services under one provider.

The Weston Hotel were looking to streamline their online payments ecosystem by bringing their acquiring bank and payment gateway under one roof, and with one point of contact from Trust Payments to manage the relationship. The move ensures that Weston’s payment systems reconcile perfectly with each other by replicating data across these systems and ensuring that all features of Trust Payments gateway and acquiring bank can be used together, optimising the booking and checkout process.

In addition, Trust Payments gateway stability, global acquiring network with over 40 banks and an attractive pricing model facilitated by the lengthy relationship between the two parties, were deciding factors entreating the Weston Hotel to develop its payments relationship with ST Group.

“Trust Payments attention to detail when it comes to customer service was a key influence is deciding to take them on as acquirer. We have a dedicated account manager who is always available, as well as access to a friendly and helpful UK-based support team,” John Simms, Owner of the Weston Hotel, said. “No matter where our guests are booking from, Trust Payments array of local payment methods make the process simple and fast. They have proven to be a fantastic gateway provider up to this point, so it only makes sense for us to develop this relationship by adding acquiring.com to our payments system.”

“Our gateway has been constantly processing payments with no downtime for over 17 years, so we have huge confidence in what we do. We’re excited that the Weston Hotel, one of the major hotels on the North Yorkshire coast, has shared this confidence and has extended its commitment to our services,” Jonathan O’Connor, Chief Commercial Officer of Trust Payments said. “We are also currently diversifying into Point of Sale payments, so we will soon be able to develop our relationship even further with the Weston Hotel and other major players in the hospitality sector.” 



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