Trust Payments/ to provide app-based payments for money remittance start-up

Trust Payments payment gateway and acquiring solutions chosen by money remittance company Totipay to power cross-border app-based payments

LONDON, 1st April: Trust Payments and merchant acquiring arm today announced that their payment services have been banked on by new money remittance and foreign exchange company Totipayto provide payment gateway and merchant services for their app, available on Android and iOS. Totipay are a new, fully-regulated remittance provider allowing users to transfer money worldwide 24/7.

With a key focus on speed of transfer and offering multiple payment options to users, Totipay’s mobile app will benefit from an integrated payments ecosystem from Trust Payments and which already powers the payments of a number of foreign exchange businesses. Totipay’s customers will benefit from the flexibility of paying in and out using local payment methods.

“Trust Payments have a 100% uptime record on their payment gateway over the last 18 years, and this level of reliability is essential for our app,” Abdul Senan, CEO of Totipay said. “Additionally, they were able to offer us a very competitive pricing model for their payment solutions, so our processing fees are kept low.”

“For Totipay, a sophisticated acquiring solution was paramount, as it wanted to ensure every transaction was a success, no matter how much the company grew,” said Ryan Cachia, Managing Director at 

Craig Brightly, Head of Sales at Trust Payments, added: “We are well-equipped to help merchants to serve their customers on an international scale. Handy mobile apps like Totipay’s are bringing a new level of convenience to the world of remittance and we’re excited to be able to facilitate this.”

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