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Emerging Verticals

Minimise your risk and help build trust
with customers in emerging verticals
like CBD, Crypto, Dating and Forex.

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Break new
ground with us.

If you’re an entrepreneur
breaking new ground in an
industry like crypto, virtual currencies, blockchain, forex, CBD, nutraceuticals, or medical marijuana, chances are you may have struggled – until now
– to find a payment partner.

Why businesses in Emerging Verticals choose Trust Payments:

Simple and transparent merchant application process.

Fraud screening, chargeback representation and management.

Fast acceptance decision for high-risk merchants.

Fast payments, fast settlements – no waiting for your money.

Clear and up to date policies for businesses operating in emerging verticals.

24/7 technical support.

See all your payment data in one place, get insights on your customers.

Strong partnerships with emerging vertical solution providers such as Chainalysis.

We have a deep understanding of
the unique challenges faced by
business owners in new and newly
regulated markets.

“Being relatively new to card payments, we are learning a lot. The team at Trust Payments is really helping us transition to card payment and understand how we can mitigate chargebacks.”

Mark Lemon, Director, BCBitcoin

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We also work with

Payment Methods for
Emerging Verticals

When your customers reach the checkout, we have got your covered with payment methods that they know and trust.

Meet our Emerging
Verticals specialists

Steve Ford

Head EU Sales and Account Management

“We have built the foundations that allow you to grow. We know what is needed to increase your revenue and engage your customers in dating, forex, CBD or crypto.”

Juan Amor

Business Development Manager

“We’re here to help you shine. Our teams are experts in the emerging markets and the constantly changing regulatory landscape. Get in touch and we will make sure you have a smooth and seamless onboarding process.”


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