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in-store customers looking at sale prices on phone while shopping on black friday

Black Friday eCommerce strategy

Originating in the US as a post-Thanksgiving sale extravaganza, Black Friday has spread its allure globally, transforming November’s end into a worldwide shopping festival. 

This star-studded shopping event has now firmly rooted itself in the UK’s shopping calendar, marking the onset of the Christmas shopping season and offering Brits a plethora of discounts and deals both in-store and online. 

While consumers eagerly await this day to snag the best deals, for retailers, it’s the golden opportunity to maximise sales. But how do they ensure every transaction goes down as smoothly as a slice of Thanksgiving pie?

How to prepare your business for Black Friday

Black Friday can make or break the fiscal year. It’s not just about heavy discounts but creating a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience for hordes of eager customers.

Keep reading to discover the main secrets to smooth sales and minimal interruptions during this busy period: 

Black Friday tip 1: Polish your POS systems

Shopping journeys can be made or broken at the checkout. Especially during high-volume sales events like Black Friday, ensuring a fast and efficient Point-of-Sale (POS) system becomes pivotal. Here are some quick hacks to handle the Black Friday rush:

  • Deploy more staff – Increase your workforce at checkout points.


  • Introduce mobile checkout points Equip staff with mobile POS systems to process sales anywhere in the store.


  • Optimise your software  Ensure your POS software is up-to-date and capable of handling peak sales traffic.

Black Friday tip 2: Supercharge Loyalty Programs

The buzz around Black Friday can be an excellent time to add a festive touch to your loyalty programs. Encourage festive sign-ups and repeat visits with exclusive deals like:

  • Special points – offer bonus points on purchases during Black Friday.


  • Members-only hours – designate exclusive shopping hours for loyalty program members.

Also, don’t forget that customer engagement and loyalty measuring tools are your ultimate partners for good, data-driven decisions. 

Black Friday tip 3: Win with inventory management

Running out of stock on Black Friday can be a retailer’s worst nightmare. But overstocking can also lower profits. 

Managing inventory is a tightrope walk. Striking the perfect balance demands precision planning – avoid overstock and stock-outs with precision planning tools by:

  • Analysing past sales data – understand which products were best-sellers during previous sales.

  • Adopting real-time inventory management – implement systems that give real-time inventory data, allowing for agile replenishment strategies.

Black Friday tip 4: Employ frictionless gateways

A smooth payment gateway can significantly enhance the customer experience. Often, customers don’t notice payment gateways – unless something goes wrong. The magic of an effective gateway is in its invisibility. When it functions seamlessly, customers focus on their purchases, not the process.

You can handle the holiday surge without hitches if you:

  • Optimise for traffic spikes – ensure your online payment gateway is fortified to handle sudden traffic surges.


  • Diversify payment options – offer multiple payment options, including mobile payments, to cater to a wide audience.

Black Friday tip 5: Craft crisp and festive site layouts

Your online store’s design can set the tone for your customers. While festivity is essential, user experience should not be compromised. As tempting as it might be to inundate your platform with holiday graphics and animations, it’s important to maintain a balance. Incorporate festive elements subtly—think thematic colour tweaks, seasonal icons, or a festive banner. Two tips for streamlining your customer’s experience:

  • Mobile optimisation – ensure your site is mobile-responsive for shoppers on the move.

  • Efficient cart design – simplify the checkout process and reduce the steps required to finalise a purchase.
Harness data insights for tailored deals

Black Friday Tip 6: Harness data insights for tailored deals

Data analytics can offer a goldmine of insights into consumer behaviours and preferences. By analysing purchasing patterns, search queries, and browsing behaviours, you can gain invaluable insights into what products or services shoppers are likely to gravitate towards. You should also think about personalising promotions and offers based on data-driven customer insights:

  • Segmented email campaigns – send tailored offers to segmented customer groups based on past purchase behaviours.

  • AI-powered recommendations – use AI to provide real-time product recommendations to customers based on their browsing patterns.

The secret to silky-smooth Black Friday sales

To truly shine during Black Friday, retailers need more than just attractive deals. The secret sauce lies in blending festive ambience with seamless functionality. It’s about ensuring that every customer touchpoint, from browsing products to making payments, exudes efficiency wrapped in the festive spirit. By aligning with the right technological and strategic partners, retailers can unwrap the secret to a successful Black Friday, paving the way for a joyous and profitable holiday season.

Unlock the secrets of Black Friday sales success. Master silky-smooth sales and stay ahead. Reach out now to transform your strategy!

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