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customer paying using mobile payments method for ecommerce customer journey during halloween

Boo-sting sales: in-store & ecommerce Halloween customer journey

A crisp October wind scented with pumpkin spice ushers in Halloween in the retail world. For merchants, it’s not just about spooky decorations but about creating a spellbinding customer experience both in the virtual realm of eCommerce and the tangible terror of in-store shopping. 

The advent of seamless retail payment systems has made the bridge between the online and offline worlds stronger. Since the season became the third biggest retail event in the UK, with an estimated sales of  £687 million last year, the UK market is gearing up for another busy year. 

Those of you who were surprised by Halloween displays in stores in August might be interested in finding out that 22% say it’s NEVER too early for Halloween items to be advertised online and in stores.

So, let’s get you ready for a successful holiday season by sharing some of our best tips for giving an awe-inspiring eCommerce and in-store Halloween journey that your customers will never forget!

Key strategies to conjure your perfect Halloween ghost and customer journey

🎃 Spooky limited-time offers 🎃

Flash sales during Halloween aren’t just sales – they’re events. Offering ephemeral deals that “go bump in the night” can drive a significant uptick in both online and in-store retail payments. When timed right, these sales can capture the festive impulse of the shoppers and lead to increased shopping cart values.

🧙 Spellbinding retail payment options 🧙

In the modern age, variety is the name of the game. Offering diverse and secure payment gateways ensures that every warlock and witch can conduct their transaction with ease. With services like retail merchant account and retail payment processing, businesses can ensure a smooth user experience for eCommerce enthusiasts.

🛒 Cursed cart abandonment 🛒

Every abandoned cart is a missed opportunity. With the right mix of hauntingly tempting offers, businesses can lure those lost souls back. Implementing effective customer journey mapping strategies can reveal the pain points and allow merchants to address them promptly with new, easy-to-build features.

🌬️ Frightfully fast checkouts 🌬️

Lengthy queues? That’s a horror story from the past. Modern in-store retail payment solutions ensure that payment terminals are as swift and efficient as a witch’s broomstick, making the entire consumer journey eCommerce efficient.

👻 Eerie email campaigns and social summonings 👻

Amplifying the Halloween spirit with well-crafted email campaigns that include pay-by-link options can boost sales remarkably. When coupled with customer experience management (CXM) tools, these campaigns can be both engaging and effective.

Terrifyingly tailored recommendations to boost sales

💀 Use past purchase data 💀

Retail merchants’ services that dive deep into past purchase data can bring forth goblin-approved product suggestions. These insights, crucial for eCommerce customer journey mapping, ensure that product suggestions resonate with the festive spirit.

🦇 Cross-sell with Themed Bundles 🦇

Creativity knows no bounds during Halloween. Imagine offering themed bundles like “Dracula’s Favourite Combos” or “Witch’s Essential Brew Ingredients”. These not only elevate the shopping experience but also boost average order values.

⚰️ Feedback from Beyond the Grave ⚰️

Once the cauldrons have cooled and the spells have been cast, it’s essential to gather feedback. Using Halloween twists like, “Was this potion to your liking?” can add a touch of festive charm while garnering essential insights and encouraging reviews.

👹 Address monstrous mishaps 👹

No business is free from errors. But how they address them makes all the difference. Quick, professional responses to any issues not only preserve brand reputation but also demonstrate commitment to impeccable customer service.

🧟 Ensure never-ending service 🧟

During the spine-chilling rush of Halloween, businesses can’t afford any tricks, only treats. Opting for a payment provider with round-the-clock customer support is essential to address any glitches immediately, ensuring uninterrupted service and happy ghouls, er, customers throughout the festive frights.

Ready to fly on your broomstick? Make sure seamless retail payment systems are in place

With its unique blend of mirth and macabre, Halloween offers merchants an unparalleled opportunity to dazzle their customers. As we reflect on the importance of merging the digital realm of eCommerce with real-world in-store shopping, one thing stands clear: a harmonised approach backed by robust retail payment services can conjure sales magic. 

Whether it’s through user experience for eCommerce or speedy checkouts in brick-and-mortar stores, the season’s spirit, combined with the right strategies, promises a spooktacular shopping spree!

“🎃 Dare to Contact Us? Cast a spell for bewitchingly brilliant eCommerce solutions! 🕸️”

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