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Trust Payments/ at the Malta Blockchain Summit on 23rd-24th May

Malta/London, 16th May 2019

Representatives from Trust Payments will be meeting industry leaders next week at the Malta Blockchain Summit, an internationally-renowned expo on Blockchain, AI, Big Data, Quantum Technologies and IoT.

2018 was the year Malta cemented itself as The Blockchain Island with the launch of three bills during the Malta AI & Blockchain Summit last November. In 2019, the Maltese Government will enact a world first: a fourth bill, giving a Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAOs) their own legal personality. In addition, in the wake of last year’s Blockchain legislation, the Maltese government are now looking at adopting a similar pioneering position on Artificial Intelligence.

The Blockchain Summit will be a hive of activity for cryptocurrency companies looking to connect with innovative and experienced payments partners to help them profit from the new laws in Malta.

Licensed, Malta-based acquirers such as will help cryptocurrency companies to reap the benefits of the new legislation by meeting customer demand for convenient and quick payment methods. Partnering with the right Malta-based acquirer in the evolving landscape of regulated cryptocurrency payments will be critical in providing customers with safe and experienced acquiring that is paramount in this time of flux. 

“As a licensed, Malta-based acquirer, welcomed Malta’s passing of its three new cryptocurrency laws last year,” Jonathan O’Connor, Chief Commercial Officer of Trust Payments said. “ have been quick to react to several widespread disruptions in payments for the past 20 years, so we’ve experienced the emergence of countless payment types and technologies, and improved and strengthened our solutions accordingly. Nothing, however, has more potential to reshape the entire payments industry than cryptocurrency—an entirely different form of currency that has vastly increased in value, use, and public and merchant acceptance.”

“At we want to empower companies for commerce, not limit them,” Ryan Cachia, Managing Director of said. “Cryptocurrencies represent a giant leap forward in achieving this. Our team are monitoring the regulatory framework developments and are ready to use our experience to facilitate cryptocurrency payments and use, now and into the future.”If you would like to meet a member of the team at the Blockchain Summit and discover how our payment solutions can accelerate the growth of your business, call us on +44 0203 7645050 or send an email to /

Security statement

Security is our top priority at Trust Payments and we strive to ensure that all data is kept secure at all times We keep all customer data safe with AES256 encryption, SSL Certificates, and a minimum of TLS1.2, between your website and our datacentres.

Our systems are scanned quarterly using the Qualys PCI Platform, an independent Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) and approved vendors – Omnicybersecurity (UK) & Forgenix (US) – to ensure compliance with the security requirements of the card schemes.

We follow a number of rigorous security procedures on a daily basis including, but not limited to, continuous monitoring of our perimeter, dark web monitoring, and internal checks to ensure that CIA triad is maintained at all times.

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