CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Trust in our responsibility.

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A healthy life is a better life

We at Trust Payments strive for change and a better community. What we want for our employees and our environment is a positive future. Our mission is to take responsibility for the negative impacts that society may bring and make a positive difference for our communities and planet.

There’s no ‘I’ in team.

Employee engagement is a crucial factor as we believe our success comes from our workers’ positivity. We may not play hide and seek, but we offer a wide range of benefits for employees to take advantage of at work. We know every day cannot be a sunshine carefree day, which is why we offer mental health and well-being advice to all our workers when needed. Because of this, we are honoured to be accredited by Best Companies with their ‘One Star’ status for our employee satisfaction and work environment.

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We are family

We at Trust Payments believe that diversity is the key that unlocks our success. Having a team from amazingly diverse backgrounds opens our eyes to new and exciting ideas, advancing us as a leading FinTech company. To ensure employees of our commitment, we have policies so that everyone receives equal treatment and no discriminatory actions take place.

Making the world a better place

This planet is our house in the middle of the galaxy, so we want to help keep it clean. Our company supports the worthy charitable organisation ‘SeaLife Trust’ to guarantee plastic-free oceans and end over-exploitation of marine life. A healthy planet is a happy planet, so our company is doing everything to make this possible. Our ONE TRUST Green Team encourages employee participation in environmental initiatives, such as beach clean-ups and tree planting, to make our earth beautiful and vibrant again.

Our CSR Policy

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