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How to get repeat customers & bookings through frictionless payments

Travel and technology are two industries that have always been intertwined and evolved alongside each other. As technology advances, the expectations of modern travellers rise in tandem, needing delivery of smoother experiences for both the traveller and the provider. To keep up with these ever-shifting dynamics, understanding current consumer trends is crucial.

The global revenue of travel apps is expected to rise by 17 per cent in 2023 over the previous year to nearly 400 million U.S. dollars. And travellers are increasingly seeking digital interactions during their journeys. This interest spans from virtual previews of destinations or accommodation to mobile-based solutions such as apps that introduce new tourist spots or facilitate hotel room check-ins. 

Boosting hotel bookings through repeat customers

Here are three ways to help your business boost its repeat customers and bookings:

Loyalty and reward programs

Recognising and rewarding repeat customers can create brand ambassadors out of regular clients. Such loyalty programs  don’t just offer discounts – they create a sense of belonging, nudging travellers to choose the same providers repeatedly.

Flexible cancellation and rescheduling policies

The unpredictable nature of current times means that travellers value flexibility more than ever. A hassle-free policy can make a considerable difference, ensuring customers choose you over competitors.

The power of forward booking

 Actively seeking feedback and demonstrating responsiveness to it can drastically improve customer retention rates. When travellers see their suggestions being implemented, they feel valued and are more likely to return.

The power of forward booking

Forward booking, or securing reservations in advance, serves as a double advantage: for travellers, it offers peace of mind and often better deals; for travel businesses, it provides the invaluable gift of financial stability. Early bookings can secure funds well before the actual service is provided, allowing for better resource planning and management.

However, forward booking’s success depends on catering to diverse travel needs, especially for international travellers. A German tourist might prefer to pay using SEPA, a Chinese traveller might opt for Alipay, and an American could choose Apple Pay. Offering diverse payment options can ensure every traveller feels catered to.

Nothing deters a potential customer more than hidden fees. A transparent process, which provides clear breakdowns of transaction costs and immediate confirmations, is non-negotiable. This transparency ensures there are no unpleasant surprises, building trust and paving the way for repeat business.

Watch out for the winter consumer trends to get repeat business

Here are the key travel trends you need to be aware of this season:


The pandemic ushered in the renaissance of local travel. People are exploring their own countries and nearby regions, reducing international travel hassle.

Remote working

The rise of the remote working culture has paved the way for ‘workations’, where professionals combine work with vacations. This offers unique opportunities for providers to offer extended stays with work-friendly amenities.

Purpose-driven travel

Millennials and Gen Z travellers, in particular, look for meaningful experiences. This trend has led to the rise of purpose-driven travel – be it for spiritual growth, environmental conservation, or personal well-being. As a result, these travellers often use APMs that are aligned with their travel goals.

Environmentally friendly

Eco-tourism and green travel options have seen a surge. Travelers are now choosing providers who demonstrate a commitment to the environment.  These include opting for carbon offsetting programs, staying in sustainable accommodation, using green transportation, participating in eco-conscious activities, dining at local and organic establishments, embarking on educational eco-trips, carrying reusable travel gear, and actively supporting local communities to promote sustainable tourism.


Wellness retreats, meditation sessions, and spiritual pilgrimages are becoming increasingly popular. People are seeking travel experiences that rejuvenate both the body and the soul. Additionally, cultural workshops immerse travellers in spiritual traditions, turning vacations into transformative experiences.

Closing thoughts

While it is essential to adapt to new trends and ensure up-to-date technological integration , the core of the travel experience remains unchanged: the traveller. 

Prioritising the customer’s ease and convenience, especially in payments, is a sure-shot way to ensure their loyalty. The details – whether a diverse range of payment options , immediate booking confirmations, or no hidden fees – can make or break a traveller’s experience.

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