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FSB & Trust Payments teaming up for World Cup payments partnership

FSB & Trust Payments teaming up for World Cup payments partnership

Global sports betting and iGaming supplier FSB Technology have teamed up with Trust Payments to deliver superior gaming experiences to players around the world during the FIFA World Cup 2022 tournament.

Under the partnership, FSB Technology, who have a significant footprint across key European, North American and African markets, will offer Trust Payments’ payment gateway across it’s highly scalable platform which includes an award-winning sportsbook, comprehensive casino aggregation and innovative retail product.

Operators already benefiting from the partnership include the world’s finest bookmaker Fitzdares, heritage brand The Football Pools and the increasingly popular Bet Goodwin.

The 2022 World Cup is the first to be held in the winter and for the first fortnight of the tournament, fans have been treated to four fast-paced games a day back-to-back. The Trust Payments TRU Connect payment gateway has been vital in helping FSB’s global partners cope with the surge in in-game betting during the group stages.

This includes high acceptance rates across the competing nations, built-in fraud tools to avoid chargeback risks and technology built to ensure a robust pay-in and pay-out experience throughout the duration of the world’s biggest sporting tournament. This is backed by 24/7 support available worldwide as well as key tools to help aid responsible gaming over the entirety of the tournament.

“The significance of the World Cup cannot be underestimated. Our global partners have targeted the event to aid acquisition and power up retention. Our partnership with Trust Payments has enabled them to offer their players a smooth, seamless payments journey during an incredibly busy group stage period. As an award-winning global platform provider it’s imperative that we work with the best third party services to enhance partner and player experiences.

Achilleas Chrysafis
Head of Platform, FSB Technology

Paul Colley, Head of Operations at Goodwin Racing Ltd, commented: “We’re expecting a significant World Cup buzz and Trust Payments will be a critical partner in helping us to keep up with this demand and keep fraud risks very low in the process. We can be confident that card payments, deposits & withdrawals will run seamlessly even if there is a surge in volume – which is paramount during Qatar 2022.”

“The World Cup is a major sporting occasion for sports betting, and we are delighted to be teaming with FSB to help its operators around the world to help ensure enhanced support around transactions at this pivotal time. Our technology will help to deliver high approval and authorisation rates, betting protection for users and a smooth pay-in and pay-out experience throughout all 64 games.”

Rio Broadfoot
Head of Gaming, Trust Payments

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